A Short Introduction To Omron Drives

The field of factory automation is usually known as “Industrial Automation”. Industrial Automation includes; application expertise, products and systems. Products used within the sphere of industrial automation include; Industrial PCs and Networks, Monitoring Systems, Vision Systems, Temperature Controllers, PLCs, Relays, HMIs, Timers, Safety, Counters, Motion Control, Servo Drives, Sensors, Frequency Inverters and a diverse selection of other industrial components. In the following article, I shall be discussing inverters, or more precisely Omron’s latest inverters.

Frequency inverters are used to control a motor’s speed of rotation. The motor’s speed is controlled by modifying the power supply’s frequency. A range of drives are available designed for a massive selection of industrial applications. Frequency inverter application examples include; conveyors, pumps, elevators, fans and machine tool drives (these applications use variable frequency drives/VFDs.

When purchasing mechatronic products it’s usual to make sure that you’re purchasing the finest available product at the cheapest price. Longevity, performance and reliability are also key considerations and also worth keeping in mind are the inverter’s overall functionality and suitability for your particular application. Further things to consider of importance are expandability and adaptability for changing situations. Of course, the first decision will likely be which manufacturer/supplier is best and few mechatronics companies have earned for themselves such a fine reputation as Omron.

Omron is a well established leader in the fields of industrial automation and electronic components, having in excess of 33,000 employees across 36 countries. Omron features strongly in Europe running European research and production facilities of their own, and the company also provide full support in every European country, few companies are so suitably placed to provide inverters, servo motors and other related industrial automation products.

Frequency inverters are commonly placed into groups which match the type of applications for which they are most suited, such as; general purpose, pumps and fans plus lifts and cranes frequency inverter drives. Omron manufacture a variety of ranges of drives, perfected for all manner of applications, to meet the demands of the UK market, their latest inverter drives, the MX2, JX and RX, introduced below.

The Omron MX2 inverter is an advanced machine and motor control unit employing the use of very fast CPU’s to process advanced algorithms to supply incredibly precise control down to zero speed. Omron’s MX2 inverter is available up to 15kW and it has 200% starting torque. Other impressive features include; integrated Omron Machine Automation, logic programming plus PM and IM Motor control. It’s available for 400v three phase, 200v three phase and 200v single phase.

Omron’s RX inverter drive is well known for its superb reliability and quality. This general purpose frequency inverter has stunning features with application functionality built in making it perfect for a diverse range of applications. The Omron RX frequency inverter has; logic programmability, Micro-surge voltage suppression, automatic energy saving, built-in EMC Filter and Modbus RS485 with several other options for other networks. Available for 400v three phase and 200v three phase.

The Omron JX inverter drive is another highly popular choice. The JX inverter has built in RFI filter, integrated communications making it suitable for a vast selection of basic applications. The JX has; Omron machine automation, RS485 Modbus, micro-surge voltage suppression, a second motor setting, PTC thermistor input and automatic energy saving. It’s available up to 7.5 Kw for 400v three phase, 200v three phase and 200v single phase.

The above three Omron drives are just a few of those available models, available in a wide selection of configurations. Whichever the type of application Omron inverter drives are perfectly capable of meeting the requirements and will perform better than you will be expecting. Well known for their longevity and excellence these frequency inverters are commonly amongst the first choice with those in the industry. Frequently, further advice is needed in making the final decision when buying an inverter and I strongly advise that you discuss your specific requirements with a company which specializes in Omron products, for example, Goodwin Electronics in England.