Advantages Of A Roland Drum.

This article discusses the advantages of owning a Roland drum. The only drums that Roland makes are electronic drums. Some of the big advantages of these, compared to acoustic drums, include the infinite range of sounds that can be triggered, easy setup, storage and transportation as well as the fact that the low levels of acoustic noise they make confer many advantages.

Roland is arguably the leading maker of electronic drums today. Their mesh-head drum pad triggers (as used in their V-drum sets) are state-of-the-art equipment for the electronic drummer.

Other types of electronic drum are also made by Roland, including less expensive trigger pads, practice pads and multi-drum pads. Different users will have different needs and preferences and will thus be matched better with different equipment.

A Roland drum can be used to trigger any possible sound, by using the MID output from the controller. This is a very significant advantage over an acoustic drum which can only make one type of sound. Many modern forms of music use drum sounds which are simply not available at all from acoustic drums.

Many people might not realize that even for acoustic drum sounds, using electronic drums can have very significant advantages both for stage use and in the recording studio. This is because the acoustic drum sounds you can trigger with an electronic drum have been recorded using the very best acoustic drums, with the absolute best recording equipment set-up by a very experienced professional. It can take many years of constant practice to be able to choose and place microphones for recording the very best acoustic drum sound.

Another big advantage with electronic drums is that the very low levels of acoustic sound generated to make it much easier to design the whole band sound, either on stage or when recording a whole band simultaneously in the recording studio.

For all these very good reasons, a Roland drum is a superb choice!