Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online – Tips For Picking The Right E Cigarette

Since electronic cigarettes emerged among the biggest health and tobacco innovation in recent history, more and more smokers–regular habitual smokers and social smokers alike–are developing an inclination towards the use of electronic cigarettes. Its popularity has been on the uptrend and continues to be so, as more and more discover the benefits that electronic cigarettes bring. As a result, more and more electronic cigarette retailers are sprouting like mushrooms in malls and shopping centers just as websites for the online purchase of electronic cigarettes are proliferating.

This brings electronic cigarette users, especially those who are thinking of trying the product for the first time, the dilemma of finding good quality electronic cigarette products. Where can you find good quality electronic cigarette products at a price that is affordable?

Is the Price Right?

The price of electronic cigarettes can range from a low $ 15 to a high of $ 150. This certainly is a huge price range but this simply means that there is also a huge range of products in terms of quality and durability.

Many customer reviews would reveal that the $ 15 – $ 20 electronic cigarettes tend to be disposable. These are electronic cigarettes that you can use for a couple of days to a week at most. The high end, more expensive electronic cigarettes will definitely last longer but remember that the expensive starter kits also have expensive cartridges to match.

Electronic Cigarettes Buying Tips

A complete electronic cigarette starter kit should contain not just the cigarette itself. Make sure that your starter kit contains a rechargeable battery, cartridges and at least a USB charger. The most cost-effective electronic cigarette starter kits are those that cost somewhere between $ 70 and $ 90. At this price, you should be able to get a good quality electronic cigarette, at least five to six cartridges, two batteries and two chargers–a USB charger and a wall charger.

The more expensive electronic cigarettes will of course last you longer compared to the cheaper ones that can actually be classified as disposable. These are those that you can use for months on end and may need replacement only after the regular wear and tear of frequent usage sets in. In the long run, these will prove to be more economical.

Feel and Flavor Electronic Cigarette Options

You might also want to try the electronic cigarette on for size when making your purchase, especially if you are doing this for the first time. This is an advantage that physical retail outlets have over online sellers. Neophyte electronic cigarette users, especially those who are trying to get rid of the habit of smoking the traditional cigarettes tend to be particular about how the electronic cigarette feels between their fingers. More specifically, they would like to first find how the varying flavors suit them before they make the decision to buy electronic cigarettes.

The flavor of electronic cigarettes ranges from the traditional tobacco flavor and menthol to all sorts of tastes like vanilla, cherry, peach, gum and even pina colada. Nicotine content and formulation also vary so if you are a heavy smoker, then you might opt for the higher nicotine varieties. In the end, it’s all a matter of preference and taste.