Check Out the Best Review of iPhone 11

One of the best things about Apple is the quality service that it extends to its customers and that is the best-known reason why people stick to an iPhone once they start using it. Something is amazing about the product that they make. We all know that from research & development to excellent features, everything counts on an iPhone. 

If you are an Apple user or android, you must have felt the hype of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The moment it got launched, every website was flooded with appropriate and inappropriate reviews about it and commenting on the new and exciting features it had. You could see so many reviews on board and it was a real thrill to witness. After all, that’s what Apple does. 

Today, you are going to know more about the iPhone 11, the new hot and classic innovation of Apple. It has everything from better battery life, color options, amazing build in quality, great processor and a too good camera that enhances every picture you take. Here is a mix of opinion about the same and if you are on your way to buy the next-generation iPhone 11 then here you go. Grab some awesome feedback on it.

What an encouraging Display

Notice carefully that Apple does not believe in masking paper details rather there is a reason why it is so hard on specifications and we guess that is what the best thing is. The LCD of the iPhone 11 comes with a resolution of 1792 *828 megapixels. The 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display is unbeatable and looks great.

Though if you compare with iPhone 11 Pro then there are chances that you may catch some comparison. Even the viewing angles are stunning, and the daily consumption of content is unmatched. You will not face even a single complaint while doing the works regularly. 

Is it all about the Design? 

There are no such changes made in the design of the Apple iPhone, but two new fascinating colors have been added to the inventory. Those are purple and green. If you look at them in person there are chances that you will take one home. So smooth and eye-soothing colors. It looks like Apple has taken a risk but undoubtedly a great one. The colors are punchy indeed.

The body of the phone is made up of aluminum, not stainless steel which makes relatively thicker than the other iPhones. Still, it is the best and good looking design ever on an iPhone. 

This Battery has a Long Life

Who thought that Apple would improve so much on its battery life? Look at the iPhone 11 and you will notice that it has a lot to hold for you. The improved battery life is an excellent feature that has even beaten the battery life performance of the iPhone XR as well. It works an hour longer than it. So, even if you try to kill hard your battery life, you need to do a lot of activities on the phone and that is a real challenge. So, it is for sure the best iPhone with amazing battery life.

Also, Apple is still using the regular 5W charger though the iPhone 11 Pro has an 18W USB-C charger which is fast and convenient for use. So, longer battery life is all that an iPhone has to offer and that cuts a lot of disappointments. 

Capture it the Beautiful Way

The iPhone 11 has this ultra-wide f/2.4 camera lens to the back which has improved the quality of the picture that you will take. There is also a dual rear camera set up which lacks matte finish that further increases the chances of smudges and fingerprints. So, you better be cautious with it. It manages to capture a whole 120-degree view of the field. If you love to click pictures, then some serious photography is coming on your way with this. It works super amazingly both in the afternoon and as well in the night. It adds more clarity and enhances the picture mode within a seconds.

There is a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens that comes with a 12-megapixel wide lens. This in a way gives great competition to other phones and thus it helps you enhance the hidden photographer in you. 

Performance on the Go!

There is this A13 Bionic processor in the iPhone 11 and also in iPhone 11 Pro and that’s what makes it the most in-demand phone in the whole world. It is so powerful because of the neural engine packed with A13 chip that makes the performance much faster than the others. If you are a gaming enthusiast, then with iPhone 11 it is going to be a whole new experience. Do not worry about the LCD screen, you still can beat the competitor with so much ease. It is a tested opinion that there are fewer chances of finding flaws in its performance. The faster the better it is! 

Even if you try comparing it with Android the iPhone 11 has a cut above others. So even if Apple is boasting about the processor, it is worth all of it. 

Now that you are ready to build your reviews on it, we believe it is the right time to hit the tech chords and get yourself this piece or maybe upgrade your old iPhone with a new iPhone.

There are some flaws in the iPhone 11 too like it is big or say giant and not that handy but who cares when it looks spectacular, Apple is still stuck at the ancient charger thing but then you can always go for the iPhone 11 Pro which has a comparatively bigger and powerful charger and they say iOS 13 is buggy but is it so? 

We have tried to mention everything above and captured the positives and negatives all along, now it is your call to hit the streets with an iPhone or with an iPhone Pro!