Electronic Projects For Beginners That Are Simple To Build

Electronics is moving way too fast currently. Almost every day and month, we hear about something new that has been discovered. The limit is just simply boundless because virtually any technology these days rely on electronics. The importance was first found with the invention of the transistor in 1947, and since then, we have never looked back. But, there are so many things that are going along with them like light, electricity, sound, and electromagnetic fields, data, modeling, simulation, and whatnot.

These days a student or a beginner in electrical engineering can learn to a lot of stuff with complete electronics self-teaching guide with projects. And, what’s more, interesting to know is that the revolution is taking place almost every day, which means people are continually finding ways to make our lives more electronics driven. I bet, the world will see a significant change in the coming years due to electrical engineering. I hope that the changes are positive.

Now, we know that to understand something, you must know the practical applications of the thing too. So for all the people who are seeking electronic projects for beginners, here are some of them.

# Automatic Solar Tracker

We are continually getting closer on the verge of losing some vital energy resources, so it is essential to take measures to at least save some of them so that the future can be bright. And being someone jumping in the electric field, you must think about solving some problems. Now coming to the project, you can straightforwardly make an automatic solar tracker. What it does is that it follows the sun right from the sunrise throughout the day until the sun sets. It has some severe detectors included which you will have to research about will help in getting economic results. You will need a parallel sensor section and a 555 timer IC along with three eludicated electronic parts.

# Voice-Activated Home Automation System

Home Automation Systems have grown rapidly in the last three-five years. People have been talking about it a lot, and they are enjoying it now because it has become slightly affordable then it was back a decade ago. Now, you can even build it yourself with ease. You will need a Raspberry Pi, a Photon, some wirings for powering some devices, and a relay shield for the photon. Raspberry Pi can be used with a sound card for listening and understanding voice commands and also replying. The Raspberry Pi will again present the output to the IO feed. The modifications can be made accordingly and how much you want and what are the things that you wish to the voice-activated home automation system to do.

# Surface Microphone

Now, if you want to understand things a little bit closer, then there’s nothing better or enjoyable than making a surface microphone. So, the surface microphone that we are talking about will be built from an ordinary 35-mm piezo disc. Now, make sure to glue the piezo disc to catch the vibrations. Now, continue building the piezo disc adapter, you will find several designs on the internet. Now, you can even extend this simple project and extend it further by building sound triggered items like controllers and also take it to the next level by building some triggering musical instruments.

# Finger Print Based Security System

See the world is becoming a strange place, and it is vital to keep things private and even if it is your office or home. Many people still use a lot of old ways to protect themselves, but they can employ simple fingerprint-based security system, it is one of the best electronic projects for beginners. The project can be taken forward with two different approaches, one is a master, and the second one is the user. For master, you can record the fresh users and provide them some permissions. When it comes to the user one, simply verifying a group of people like in the offices. You can opt for either one.

Well, so here are some of the projects that can be tried by beginners as well as seniors just for fun. We would recommend the beginners to go through complete electronics self-teaching guide with projects so that they can understand things a lot better.