Electronic, The Journey of Its Development

Electronics had its origination a long ago and since then it has been beneficial to the society. The invention of computers has proven to be one of the major successes in the Electronics Industry. The efficiency in people’s work has greatly improved at home as well as in their office. Speed, reliability, durability, efficiency are the major attributes of electronic devices. They have made life simpler and easier for the people, saving a lot of time so that they can give more productive work.

Electronic Devices can be seen in companies both private and public, personal homes, business houses and other organizations. To enhance the development of this course many reputed institutes are concentrating on promoting the study of Electronics Engineering. Students are nurtured properly and given appropriate knowledge through trained faculty and well-equipped labs so that they develop a bright future in the same. Students need to keep track of the recent advancements in technology to keep their knowledge updated.

The current trends in Electronics are the Design trends and the EDA Tools. The IC and PCB engineers of China and Taiwan reveal these trends. Consumer Electronics is also an emerging concept which includes electronic equipment for everyday use. It is used for entertainment purposes, for communications and office productivity. Basic consumer electronic goods include telephones, personal computers and laptops, digital cameras, television, audio systems, MP3 players etc. The major advancements in these items are the ever-falling prices which are a great challenge for all the competitors. Fluctuation in prices has been seen rapidly during the last few years. Also, the attribute of connectivity is becoming very popular like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Ethernet. It is very important to keep a product updated to meet the rising needs and demands of the customers.

There are other trends also like the Operational Amplifier, field-replaceable unit and a car phone. An operational amplifier is an electronic voltage amplifier with a differential input but a single-ended output. A field-replaceable unit is a circuit board which can be easily removed from a personal computer or any other electronic equipment without sending it for repair to a technician and hence saving money. A car phone is a mobile phone fitted in an automobile. Car phones that are available include Nokia 810 and more recently the Motorola VC6096. These phones also use GSM networks, have color screens and support high-speed data connections as well as access to SIM cards.

The development of Electronics has been at a tremendous pace and its acceptability is also seen at a high rate. It has a wide variety of applications which cannot be counted. The scope of electronics includes nuclear, consumer, marine, fuzzy, automotive, sense, loadline and brick electronics, electronic media, electronic communication and many more. The study of electronic engineering is seemingly important and justified. Most of the branches like Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Electronics, Electronics and Instrumentation, Information Technology have been introduced and even the students are taking them seriously and planning to make a future in it.