Electronics Engineering Technology – Way to Innovations

Have you ever thought what happens if the innovations and manufacturing of electronic equipments or home appliances or the research and development came to a stand still?

Most of us can’t even imagine our lives without these. Modern technology has made our lives simple and easy and interesting with all the comforts of life. Cell phones and social networking have given a new dimension to socializing and being in touch with family and friends.

Education is divided into three categories – social education, spiritual education and vocational education. Technical education falls into the category of vocational education which basically focuses on trade, commerce, agriculture, medicine and engineering. Students pursue in the chosen field to make a career and fulfill their dreams.

A nation’s progress depends upon the industrialization which in turn is dependent on the growth in science and technology and manpower trained in the same. Technology makes our life simple and easier along with the growth in research and development, in defense and biological aspects. Technology not only gives us the materialistic comforts but play an important role in the health care sector, finance, marketing, manufacturing and many others.

ISB&M School of Technology was founded in the year 2010. The Bachelor of Engineering programs offered by the ISB&MSOT are recognized by the state government of Maharashtra, affiliated to the Pune University and is approved by AICTE New Delhi. The college offers B.E programs in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Production Engineering.

ISB&MSOT has a full fledged Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering department which is home to the highly qualified and competent faculty and good infrastructure and resources. The faculty with outstanding qualifications imparts their updated knowledge in Electronics Engineering Technology to their students to groom them into knowledgeable and skilled engineers. The well equipped laboratories and library with technical journals and reference books are at the disposal of students to enhance their knowledge and foster professional skills and abilities.

The Analog Electronics Lab, Digital Logic Lab, Communication Engineering Lab, Network and Power Lab and Computer Simulation Lab at ISB&MSOT support the work of students and the faculty in the area of Signal Processing and Mobile Communications, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Power Electronics and Electronic Devices.

The great boon to mankind by technology is the abundant information that is available. As the saying goes – Engineers Build the World, grooming those engineers to be the best is the most important. The placement records of ISB&MSOT has proven that it is one of the best institutes which groom the outstanding engineers who can pursue their career in the global industry.