Getting Acquainted With The Electronic Cigarette

Most smokers are creatures of habit, and aren’t likely to change the way they smoke out of the blue. But for the smoker looking to shake things up a bit, the electronic cigarette is an interesting alternative to traditional cigarettes and cigars. Also called an electronic cigarette, these devices work by vaporizing liquid nicotine. The smoker then inhales a thin vapor that lacks the strong odor associated with cigarette smoke. The device will often look very similar to a normal cigarette, allowing a familiar hand feels that many smokers are accustomed to.

There’s no fire to light, removing the need for smokers to carry around a lighter with them everywhere they go.nThe nicotine in an electronic cigarette comes from a concentrated liquid. This liquid nicotine comes in small plastic containers, which allows users to refill on the go. It is easy to purchase several different containers of liquid nicotine in several different flavors, similar to the fragrant tobacco used in hookahs. For the adventurous, this can offer a whole new layer to the smoking experience, as there are many flavors to be sampled. Of course, the traditional “cigarette” flavor is still around for those looking for something a bit more basic.

One reason that these devices have become more popular in recent years is the benefits they offer to those close to the smoker in question. Unlike a traditional cigar or cigarette, there is no stream of smoke constantly drifting from the front of an electronic cigarette. And, since the exhaled vapor is mostly odorless, this is one form of smoking that’s not likely to anger or annoy others.nThe reason that electronic cigarettes do not produce odorous smoke is that, unlike a cigarette, nothing is lit on fire. The liquid tobacco is quickly vaporized by the device, which produces vapor. This vapor is more of a “mist” than a smoke, which can reduce throat irritation, as well as coughing.

Unlike their traditional counterparts, these devices are battery powered. A common accessory for users of electronic cigarettes is a portable charging station. A wire is plugged into the cigarette and then plugged into the charging station. There are also a variety of USB-based chargers, allowing you to charge the cigarette right from your computer. This may seem a bit inconvenient for some, as it is entirely possible to run out of juice right when you need a smoke the most. The benefits and dangers of inhaling vaporized nicotine are currently not well-known. There is some belief that vaporizing, or “vaping” nicotine is somehow healthier.

While vaporized nicotine may be easier on the throat than the heated smoke that is produced from most tobacco products, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has currently been shown no proof that electronic vaporizing devices are actually any less dangerous than conventional tobacco products. There is also serious concern that users of electronic cigarettes are actually inhaling more nicotine than they would be normally. This is of concern due to the concentrated liquid nicotine that electronic cigarettes use.