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History of Hammond Manufacturing Electronic Company:

Hammond Manufacturing was founded in 1917 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. When the company just started off, Hammond only manufactured radios, power amplifiers and battery eliminator. During the 1920’s the company focused its efforts on the manufacturing of transformers for the broadcast and communications industry. In the early 1930’s they became the first company in Canada to manufacture a line of 2-post racks and a narrow cabinet to support the growing broadcast and communications industries.

In 2001 Hammond Transformer Group was started off and started the core product for Hammond Manufacturing continue as electrical and electronic enclosures, racks and cabinets, power bars and electronic industries. The company has 500 employees that work together to deliver high quality products. They are publicly traded company on the TSK (HMM.A). Even though the company is headquartered in Canada, they have offices around the world that include the USA, Europe and Taiwan.

About Hammond Manufacturing Electronic Parts and Its Product Range:

The main product lines consist of electrical enclosures, small enclosures, racks & rack cabinets, outlet strips, and transformers. For the electrical enclosures, Hammond offers industrial enclosures, corrosion resistant enclosures, disconnect enclosures, modular freestanding enclosures, wire way & trough, commercial enclosure, climate control, data communication infrastructure and general accessories. The industrial enclosures are junction boxes, wall mount enclosures, floor mount enclosures, and freestanding enclosures.

Junction boxes are used for instrument enclosures, electrical boxes or terminal wiring enclosures and the boxes also provide some type of protection from falling dirt, dust, oil and water. The wall mount enclosures come in a variety of sizes and are designed to enclose electrical and/or electronic equipment in wall mount applications where viewing of component operation is necessary while maintaining protection ratings.

The floor mount enclosures are used to house electronic, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic controls and instruments. They also provide some type of protection from falling dirt, dust, oil and water. The freestanding enclosures are designed to house electrical, electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic controls with provision for panel mounting of equipment.

The small enclosures product line consists of die-cast aluminum, eddy stone die-cast aluminum, and ROLEC- Hammond water weight die-cast aluminum, water light-die cast aluminum, plastic, and ROLEC -Hammond watertight plastic and general purpose metal.

The transformer product line consists of power transformers, chokes & reactors, line transformers, audio transformers, classic tube transformers, energy limiting, pulse transformers, and instrument transformers. The power transformers have the following product line P. C. board-mount, chassis mount, steroidal, low & high voltage and easy selection guide. The coke & reactors line consists of D.C filter coke, D.C reactors, and R.F chokes. The line transformers consist of isolating, auto-transformers, constant voltage-AC regulators and hardwired & plugging.

The audio transformer line consists of P.C board mount, chassis mount, broadcast quality, “classic” tube driver and output, matching and sound distribution. The classic tube transformer consists of filament, plate & isolation, tube output, and chokes & reactors. The pulse transformers consist of P.C. board mount and chassis mount. The instrument transformers consist of current transformers and potential (voltage) transformers.

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