How To Baby-proof The House From Electronic Devices

For a home that is not entirely caring, babies and children generally are fascinated by electronic devices. It could be phone screens, gadgets, wires, you name it! However, when children play with these devices, it could not only damage the devices, but could also, make you lose vital information stored on the device. Likewise, it could harm your child in a lot of ways. We are very much aware of this, which is why we have come up with four major ways in which you can baby-proof your house from electronic devices.

Hide The Remote

One sure way to baby proof the electronics in your house is to hide the remote control. What you don’t know is how babies imitate whatever you do. They have seen you handle the remote control repeatedly so they’ll want to exactly the same thing. The remote control would soon become their new toy, however, you shouldn’t let that happen. First of all, remotes are dirty because they are dropped on the floor, under the couch and on dusty surfaces. They also contain easily removable buttons that can easily choke your baby and hinder breathing. They could also put the remote in their mouth and putting saliva all over it, hereby spoiling it. To be on the safe side, hide the remote away from your kid.

Secure The Television

Another great way to baby proof the house electronically is by securing the television. Children we extremely curious beings and can easily fall the television down by pushing it over. To prevent this from happening, you can either mount it on the wall like a plasma television or service it firmly with an anchor or an extremely sturdy stand. This would prevent it from falling over and harming your little one.

Remove All Loose Cords

Children are forever fascinated by all forms of wires and cords. If care is not taken, they could pull out a charger from a tabletop and play with it. Asides from it being risky due to electric shock, the wires could get damaged, and in extreme cases, the child might mistakenly use it to strangle themselves. Take out all loose cords and put them on a shelf that isn’t within the reach of your child. Also, keep your phone chargers, earphones and earplugs away from their reach.

Use Strong Phone Cases

For all your gadgets (phones, tablets, computers and iPads), ensure you use sturdy cases as children could hit them on the floor or on a hard surface. This could damage these devices and cost you a lot of money to repair. Get a screen protector to prevent all forms of scratches and dirt as well. This would prevent the actual screen from getting dirty and scratched.

 When it comes to electronics and having babies running around the house, you have to be extremely cautious. Take the time out to effectively baby proof all parts of the house that contain electronics. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry!