How To Keep The Neighbors Happy With A Drum Set

One of the main problems with an accoustic drum set is upsetting the neighbors, if you live in an apartment block or live in a shared house, then it will not be long before someone comes banging on the door to tell you to keep the noise down. You can try putting carpet on your drum heads but this doesn’t completely work, plus you’ve still got the noise of the cymbals that will ring through the walls.

An electronic drum kit overcomes the primary hurdle for individuals who live within an apartment block — sound. With an electronic set, you have the capability to put on a pair of headphones and mess about as loud as you would like. The only sound your neighbors would be able to hear is your sticks hitting the pads and your television or cd player will be noisier than that.

Space is another problem if you’re going to use an electronic drum set in an apartment. There is not sufficient room to fit a drum kit unless you are willing to sacrifice your bulky pieces of furniture. With an electronic drum set, you don’t have the “bulk” that you have with an acoustic kit. If you need to, you can even take an electronic set down as soon as you were completed and keep it inside a cupboard or corner somewhere.

Electronic drums contain other advantages over acoustic sets as well. There is never a need to tune the set or be concerned about cold or dampness upsetting the overall sound of the set. You even maintain the preference to transform the sound of the set to make it sound like you’re on stage in a huge hall or a tiny jazz club. Generally electronic sets allow you to connect up your iPod so that you can perform along with your favorite music and obtain the correct mix in your headphones. This is something you can not do with an ordinary drum set.

Electronic drum sets are not as expressive as an ordinary kit. The newer sets are getting closer, but the feel really isn’t the same as an accoustic drum set. If you use brushes on an ordinary drum set, you won’t be able on an electronic set, they just won’t work.

On stage live can be a tad unusual if you are used to an ordinary kit. You are at the mercy of the pa sound system, but then so are all the other members of your group, so this is not a problem.

There are a lot of advantages that electronic drums have over ordinary drum kits and no more than a small amount of disadvantages. If you live in an high-rise and think that playing the drums has to take place outside your house, check out the various electronic kits that are on the market. You’ll practice often if they are around your apartment and you might now start to love the thought of playing on an electronic set as opposed to an ordinary kit.