Looking For Projects? Here We Have Some Best Electronics Projects For You

LEDs have now made a place in homes illuminated by lanterns, along with technology, the electric field has also moved step by step. Their development has illuminated our lives with so many colors. This development of the electric field is the hallmark of this field’s ever-growing growth. Now the situation is that we cannot think of our life without electric, this wonderful charisma of science has made our life extremely easy. And with the improvements happening every day, we are growing one step more each day. Technology is covering every area, and all depend on themselves.

Innovations in electronics have approached the development of science in a good way. It is the invention of the electronic field that has brought us so far today. Everyone is interested in electronics and this is probably the reason why now electronics is the highest in science exhibition in every school and college. In electronic project ideas, only small inventions keep the foundation of its big inventions. There are also many inventions that will not abstain you from taking your creativity test. Some projects that you can submit in an exhibition also. These events would be perfect for cool electronic projects for beginners. See about it.

-Automatic LED emergency light

Objective – By the use of LED implement the system lightning system.

This automatic LED lights experiment is quite easy and cheap. When the light is turned off, the experiment of turning this light on is now on the LED lights, because these lights support the battery for much longer than the rest of the lights. This emergency light, built from white LED, has an automatic charger fix, which automatically turns off after the battery is fully charged. It is of course suitable for cool electronics projects for beginner.


IC LM 317 has been used which regulates 7 V to charge the battery. Transistor BC 548 and Zener diode control the charging of the battery and transistor BD140 generates output.

-Fire-Alarm Projects

A fire alarm project is an invention that produces an audible alarm bell when smoke arises. This fire alarm circuit is completely based on the pair of Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) and sensing fire lenses. This circuit produces an alarm when the smoke is sensed by its sensors. When the light of the bulb falls on the LDR, nothing happens, but when the light and the gap in the LDR arise due to smoke, the alarm bell rings.


When light and LDR gap in due to smoke, the transistor turns on and gives power to IC1 and outputs to 5V, it gives the tone generate IC UM66 (IC2) to play music. This music amplifies IC3 and drives in the speaker. R6 works to protect the transistor. And R2 and R1 form the feedback network for TDA2002 and C1 which sends signals for R1 and R2 and inverts the input from the same IC.

-100Watt Inverter Circuit

The inverter circuit is the best for easy electronic projects for beginners.


CD4047 A flame power multivibrator IC. This astable multivibrator is wired producing two pulse trains of 0.01s which is 180 degrees out of the pin 10 and 11. Pin 10 is connected to Q1 gate and pin 11 to Q2 gate. Resistor R3 and R4 prevail on IC. When pin 10 is high then Q1 conducts and flows in the upper half at the positive half of the current AC voltage and when the pin is 11, the account for negative half of the output AC voltage flows in the opposite direction from the lower half.

This easy electronic project for beginners is perfect for any electric exhibition. These electronic simple inventions are the best for the experiments at home, as they have a minimum or now expenses, these can be very interesting and knowledgeable experiments for you too. Growing inventions in the electric field are leading to our growing era.

Developments in electronic product ideas and electric are bringing comfort and advancement in everything. The development of communication technology has resulted in the improvement of hardware devices such as radio, TV, CD, pen drives, computers, laptops, mobile phones, cameras. Changing the field of electronics is a very good step for human life.