New Electronics For 2008

Several innovative new electronics for 2008 is making such a fuss in the market scene. Some of it has done exceptionally huge sales in the market while some seemed to fade to oblivion. What are these electronics that has been making a big scene in the market right now? Let us review and see what makes them a hot item today:

1. Philips Eco TV. This 2-inch, 1080p resolution, flat-panel LCD, model 42PFL5603D is specially on the wish list of every consumer since it has a power saving capability this means that has a built-in feature to dim the backlight–by up to five times peak brightness depending on the program material. This feature is compared to Samsung’s LED-based LN-T4681F which has a “local dimming” option. This is a power saving technology because according to the company, the dimming of the backlight in darker scenes has the dual benefit of saving power and improving black-level performance.

2. Moto Rokr E8. This handheld mobile phone uses a ModeShift technology which every music lovers would love. The phone uses a smooth glasslike with touch-pad controls instead of the traditional keypad. This touch-pad controls digitally morph depending on how the phone is handled. The backlight on the control changes to illuminate only the pertinent buttons for a current function. Hence when you shift from the phone to the music feature, amazing changes happens. This phone also has Fastscroll navigation wheel just like iPod’s which makes navigation through long list of music seamless.

3. Atlas CPC-1200 and the Calypso CPC-1100. This is the hottest item right now for those who are looking for a good electronic accessory for the car. All the things you needed for your car are here including GPS navigation, Bluetooth cell phone integration, and audio and media playback. These are dash PC specifically designed for cars. The said units are powered by an Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz CPU with 1GB of RAM, a 120GB hard drive, and a DVD-ROM/CDRW drive. Among other feature also includes car stereo features, which can be upgraded with either XM or Sirius satellite radio. The Calypso CPC-1100 is a single DIN unit with a motorized 7 inch screen, while Atlas CPC-1200 is a double DIN unit with a 6.5 inch screen.

4. Bug Labs. This might be the weirdest yet might be very useful electronic device that has come out. This starts with a mini computer known as the bug base which has a component that allows entry of multiple modules like digital camera or LCD screen. It enables then to download programs or customized software. This piece of technology is also referred to as the Lego of Gadgets.

5. Nyko Wireless Nunchuck. This is an alternative controller pad for the Nintendo Wii game console. What is distinguishing about this controller is that it totally it is totally wireless compared to the earlier released controller pad which makes use of the wire most of the times.

6. iRiver W7 MP3 Player. This is a media player that is making a scene in the market right now especially for those who have a car. It is compact and can also be readily carried by people on the go.