Oral B

There are so many different types of toothbrushes out there, but if you want to invest in the best then I recommend Oral B. Oral B (the brand) has been around since the 1950s. The Oral B brush was actually invented by a dentist out of California. The dentist created the Oral B brush with his patients in mind and that is why the Oral B brand took off and exploded.

The Oral B toothbrush is not the only product under the line. Aside from the Oral B toothbrush, there is dental floss, mouth wash, water picks, and pretty much anything else you can think of that you would find for your mouth pertaining to dentistry. I actually am so fond of the Oral B toothbrush, that the only toothbrush I purchase is in fact the Oral B brand. They are the perfect combination of what perfection entails. They have firm bristles, but not too firm where it hurts your gums. The toothbrush also has a nice grip at the end for an easy and comfortable brushing session.

Since the 1950’s when the original Oral B toothbrushes made the scene, they have improved immensely. I mean just look at how far technology has come in all aspects of our lives, and now we even have electronic Oral B toothbrushes. The electronic Oral B toothbrushes, which are just like any electronic toothbrushes, on the market, tend to be more expensive than your generic brush, because of the usage period. You see, a normal toothbrush for a few dollars will typically last you 6 months or less.

Six months is the recommended throw out period by most dentists, but the electronic ones can last a lifetime as long as you replace the heads. Typically the entire package is around $ 100-$ 200 dollars and then about $ 30 dollars for the heads to be switched. The nice thing about the electronic toothbrushes is that they brush your teeth at a faster pace than a human’s pace. Also, the heads are slightly slanted to get into the small grooves between each tooth which produces a more efficient job. Plus the user is doing less work by letting the battery-operated tool do it.

With Christmas just around the corner, I would highly recommend purchasing one of these toothbrushes. You can’t go wrong with a present when you know it’s useful to just about consumer out there. The faster, yet efficient, form of brushing your teeth is a must-have this season. Also, if you are a little crunched on a cash due to the holiday spending, yet you yourself want to invest in one, I would suggest saving up for it. The reason I am so adamant about these toothbrushes is because your hygiene and health go hand in hand, and when your health is on the line it should be no question as to which avenue to take. You should always take care of yourself to prevent sickness and diseases that may result from lack of care.