See Why They Are Tagged ‘Top 3 Luxurious Television Set In 2018

Have you been holding back to buy a new TV? If yes, the perfect time is now. With the latest and most lavish TVs making their way into electronic store shelves and outlet, some of this TV brand come with amazing new technology while others make a recap of already existing models but with a little touch of improvement here and there.

Most of these latest TV designs actually worth their cost with more sophisticated and advanced technological input that will absolutely leave you taking a breath of satisfaction for every dime you laid down. Typical of such advancement is the 4K resolution (a display resolution that is four times what is obtained in 1080p HD) and the amazingly outstanding High Dynamic Range – HDR (designed to deliver pictures with in-depth detailing in the shadows and highlights, also having a wider range of colors).

What informed this ranking, you may ask. Let’s have a look at the arithmetic behind this inference

The top-rated TVs brands such as Samsung, LG and SONY, and others which can be seen as the premium brands when it comes to TV technology were used to set the highest standard for each TV set.

Firstly, each TVs is tested in a completely dark room where the picture settings are adjusted. From here, various test patterns and other familiar content such as streaming services, over-the-air TV and Ultra HD Blu-ray is used to judge each TV’s performance in terms of the color production, black levels, backlight influence, motion resolution, HDR quality, and detail resolution.

Other elements that affect user experience such as smart TV interface, remote control, user settings interface, external device recognition and control including other points worthy of note are usually analyzed critically

Finally, two or more competing models will be placed side by side to provide a better assessment of the pros and cons of each TV. From here, a final determination is made as to which is more appealing to a TV user.

Ranking High in this List are the following brands and models:

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W8: Cost $7000-$15000

 The LG Signature OLED TV W8 also known as LG’s Wallpaper combines incredible high picture quality with outstanding style. Due to the exuberant price tag on this TVs, it is regarded as an electronic for those whom money is no object. To justify this incredible price are its components packed into the included sound bar, which dishes up Dolby Atmos object-based surround sound for maximum audio immersion and experience. In addition, this TVs supports every major HDR formats. This is a TV that is definitely a future-proof of what TV can be. You can go for this since you may possibly wont have to make any major purchase for a while.

SONY MASTER SERIES Z9F: Cost $4500 $7000

This is Sony’s next to none HDR picture processing claimed to be the best LED/LCD TV ever seen. With just a little below the OLED TV, this TVs comes with an ultimate processor, thus making it the most impressive LED/LCD TV.

This TV is seen to have a major remedy to common set-back among LED/LCD TV. This includes off-angle viewing with a technology it calls X-Wide Angle that gives vibrant colors even from extreme angles as though they were viewed directly in front. If you have been waiting, to change your TVs, this set is worth the wait.

SONY MASTER SERIES A9F: Cost $4500 – $5500

Seen as the most impressive OLED TV for the time being. With the super-fast processing speed from its XI Ultimate processor and stunning HDR highlights, this TV has earned its outstanding reputation as the most impressive OLED.

With its incredibly thin design, it poses a major rival to the LG’s wallpaper TVs. Not really on the high side though, you can change your viewing experience with this.