Music is seen as a food to the soul. It helps lift the soul, make the body feel alive. Music is seen as a way of expression and communication. With music, people of diverse culture, race, nationality and lifestyles are brought together under one umbrella. Music helps to unite people together, create love among people and create an atmosphere of tranquility in a society. Music is also a way of recreation as one could listen to music or sing while he/she is bored. Music encompasses everything that creates beautiful sounds. Such things include the keyboard, guitar, drums, trumpets, saxophones and songs in general. There are different things that create music and of it is the guitar.


A guitar is an instrument of music which is under the classification of strings instrument having up to 18 strings. However, it usually has 6 strings. The sound is extended acoustically or via electrical amplification. The guitar is played by plucking or strumming the strings with one hand which is usually the right hand. While plucking or strumming the strings, the strings are fretted with the fingers of the left hand. A guitar is traditionally made from wood, though there are ones made from metal. They are strung with steel strings, nylon or gut. There are different types of guitars and one of such is the electric guitar.


Electric guitars are guitars that make use of pickups to change its string’s vibration. These strings are made of metal, and the vibration occurs when the strings are finger picked, plucked or strummed into an electrical impulse. Due to the weakness of the signal that an electric guitar generates, it becomes weak to have the loudspeaker driven. As a result of this, the electric guitar is plugged into an amplifier for guitars before the signal is sent to the loudspeaker. This would ensure that the sound is clear and loud enough to be heard. There are different types of electronic guitars. A particular type is the DIY electric guitar.


The DIY electric guitar which is the short name for Do It Yourself electric guitar is a kind of electric guitar that a customer assembles himself. Following the principle of DIY where users of product modify, build or repair products without a direct assistance from a professional or expert, the DIY guitar falls under this category. These kinds of guitars are assembled by the users without any direct assistance from experts or professionals. Unlike the normal guitars that are bought ready-made, the DIY electric guitar broken into parts and placed in a package. Hence any customer that buys them would have to assemble and arrange the parts to form the electric guitars. Manuals and the required tools needed for the assembling of the electric guitar is made available in the pack.

With the DIY electric guitar, customers are able to repair or fix the electric guitar when it becomes faulty. More so, in terms of carrying it about, it would be easier for a user to carry it about because when he disassembles it, it would be lighter compared to when he carries a whole guitar. These kinds of guitars are suitable for aspiring and established clothiers and all guitar players. The DIY electric guitar parts are made in kits. They are called DIY electric guitar kit.