The Best Electronic Projects For Engineering Students

We all know that the world relies on electronics more than anything in the world today. It is because of electronics that we have been able to see such a drastic change in the way we live, how we connect to people, and many other things. It has been a revolution that will only take us forward. Students mostly opt for easy electronic projects, but sometimes, tougher can teach us more and complex things that we would not be able to learn in the easier ones. The development of cool new electronics is also happening at a rapid pace, and we can expect things to go in a better direction in the near future.

When you are an engineering student, you need to submit easy electronic projects which can help you pass the exam. And, there are several ones which you will find in the market with ease. But, we will be giving you some new modern electronic project ideas which will teach you more practical things than anything.

– Wirelessly controlled robotic arm: The primary aim of this project, which you will have to achieve is employing RF-FSK method control the robotic arm. The project can be used by many industries in recent years. It has several practical applications and can be quite helpful. We all know that many industries have an issue where human labor is needed, and it is not a safe working environment. This may be because of several reasons like temperature is not suitable for a person to work or it is not possible to reach the inside of a machine safely. These types of issues can be solved using the robotic arm, and it will help in building a safer work environment. You can get help on the internet on how to proceed with it.

– Solar mobile phone charger: Now, I don’t need to stress on the fact that mobiles have become an integral part of our lives. Today, we need to carry our cellphones almost everywhere we go even the bathroom. This means that battery will deplete and it will be essential to recharge it. Now, suppose you are provided with a solar mobile phone charger that can solve charging issues and also not use electricity. I know you are shouting aloud that it’s cool. This project can be a magical power solver. People will not even carry the excess weight of power bank when something like this comes in the market.

– PC or Mobile-based wireless appliance control: Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Bixby, and thousands of other voice-assistants have been introduced in the market that are taking home-automation systems to the next level. But most of them have a lot of requirements. So it is better to have a PC or mobile-based wireless appliance control which doesn’t require a lot of things and also work effectively. No wrong commands, no creepy laughs at night, no issues. This system will help you control several home devices, including television, freeze, lights, and many more electronic things.

– Mood-based light system: I don’t know about you, but I have read somewhere (don’t know if it is true) that Bill Gates house a lighting system that works according to his mood. Sounds fascinating, right? Well, something like this would be a revolution. And, if you are someone who enjoys playing with electronics can make this project for your home too. The project will work as per the following. You will integrate artificial intelligence chips inside your electronic equipment, which will be linked to your mood somehow, and the lighting will fluctuate as per your mood.

– Complete Home Automation System Using IoT: Internet of Things has been attracting millions of people around the globe ever since it was introduced. You can create a complete home automation system where you can control your home’s lights, appliances, technological equipment, security products, and many more things. The home-automation system provides the user with the flexibility to control things from different locations. Suppose you left your home and forgot to switch off the fan, you can easily turn it off using the home automation via a touch of a button.

Electronics is going rapidly, and it can grow faster if we all contribute. It will provide us a happier life.