The Best Point and Shoot Digital Camera Deals

I was searching for the best point and shoot digital camera, and I believe I have found it. It has all the qualities that make a point and shoot great – image-quality, zoom, hdr, low-light handling, image-stabilization, size, weight, etc etc. The camera I will mention to you to is a little superior, overall, than my last digital camera, which is also phenomenal, and I’ll point you to that one as well, as it also has some great features.

There are several features and quality items to keep in mind, but I’ll just list a handful of the important ones. Consider how you maybe use the following in considering what is not merely the best point and shoot camera, but the best camera for you, specifically. What types of photos do you admire? Large, wide panoramic photos? Dark shots? Portraits, night-scenes? If it is mostly at night you typically shoot, and you like to use flash, things such as narrow zoom might not be as important to you as to an individual who likes to photograph a bird on a tree or the shades of a certain region of the sky at sunset.

Are you all set to learn about the best point and shoot digital cameras, as I deem them? Ok then. There are two cameras that are close competitors. The Sony Cyber-shot HX5 and, very closely behind when all factors are weighed in, the Panasonic Lumix ZS7. They usually cost around $ 219-$ 349, but I’ll show you where you can buy them at a discount, and with important extras included, of course, with free or low-cost shipping. But first, we will talk about what makes these cameras are the best point and shoots.

The great thing about the Sony Cyber-shot HX5 is that it has it all — 10 times zoom, 25mm wide angle lens, built-in GPS, powerful close-up macro mode, advanced low-light, a small frame, and cheaper than the Panasonic Lumix ZS7.

The Lumix point and shoot camera is superior in that it has 12x zoom and also has an ultra sharp lens, but it lacks the novel panoramic sweep mode and is a little bigger and heavier. However, the Lumix is $ 80 less expensive than the Sony Cyber-shot HX5.

The bottom line is each of these cameras are amazing. I personally have both and am having a hard time deciding which one to take on my travels cross around the world. I’m going to grab my Sony Cyber-shot HX5, but I would not be sad if I had to use the Panasonic Lumix. These are both the best point and shoot cameras, with their various prices. But, if you can spend a bit extra cost, get the Sony Cyber-shot.