Tips on maintaining your laptop keyboard

Every laptop deserves good care both software wise and in terms of hardware, your laptop keyboard is very important no matter what job you’re into. Once in a while just like every other thing in this life it needs cleaning and proper maintenance.

You don’t need intricate tools to clean your keyboard by yourself. Here are some tips you could follow that would make your laptop last much longer and work without any hitch.

Avoid food items near your laptop

Your laptop and liquid are sworn enemies, always try and avoid eating or drinking close to your laptop, besides the fact that a simple tip of the cup can fry your whole system food particles would fall and build up over time on the surface of the laptop.

So make sure you avoid food and drinking items near your laptop, Water and other beverages could lead to very serious consequences.

Soft key press

Try to press the keys as soft as you can. It helps in long life of keys. Basically, reduce the physical pressure exerted on the keyboard. Give attention to the intensity of your typing if you use the keyboard frequently.

Cleaning the keys

First of you need to turn off the laptop, unplug it from the power cables and ensure its properly turned off, turn it over and lightly and shake it to loosen any debris. If you could lay your hands on compressed air this could be used to clean off particles stuck between the keys.

If you do not have compressed air available, you can also use a hair dryer to remove dust as far as you set it to “cool”

Get some wipes or cotton swabs dampened with isopropyl alcohol and gently rub against the surface of the keys. Ensure you scrub around the edges of the keys wiping all dust and stains.

Definitely, there is no way your laptop will remain spotless with regular usage, but with periodic cleaning, your keyboard will stay relatively germ-free and appear brand-new

Keep your laptop physically safe

Don’t set your laptop down on random places unprotected, you never know who may clumsily sit on it and split it in two, and also never put items on top your laptop. It’s a laptop not a shelf, you’d be surprised at how many people put random stuff on their laptop which presses against not only the keyboard but also the screen.

Keep the lid closed as much as you possibly can, this helps to limit the amount of dust that can settle on the keyboard.

Cover after use

Cover it to avoid dust particles. It will harm the circuit beneath the keys, which leads to non-functioning of keys.

Poly-covers, cardboard-covers etc. are very much advisable. Avoid material covers, because fancy garment covers because they have pores within them, which allow micro-dust enter.

Following these simple tips can leave your keyboard hardware looking and working perfectly for an extended period of time. Your laptop is an investment always make sure it is protected.