Top Technology Trends In Electronics You Must Know

Technology has been evolving at a rapid rate, and most of us know how our future will be shaped if things go in a similar direction. Different industries and fields are being transformed at a rapid pace because of the changes. Though the biggest question that most of the enthusiasts want an answer for is – what are the trending technologies in electronics? We all know that electronics is a huge stream, and it all began with the invention of the transistor in 1947.

Now, when we stand seven decades later, we can see how electronics have transformed our lives. We may try to deny the things, but the trending technologies in electronics have made our lives a lot easier. Things have come a long way, and when we look at the latest technology trends in electronics, we actually get the bigger picture. So it becomes utmost important for us to know what’s to come and what’s actually going on in the field of electronics.

What are the top technology trends in electronics?

– 2-D electronics: When you look at the point, you must wonder about the discovery of graphene because it is something that started the talks of 2-D electronics. This is one of the structural variants for carbon and considered to strongest material ever tested. Physicists, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, have also earned the Nobel Peace Prize for their groundbreaking research in the field. We all know that graphene has a honeycomb-like structure and there are several elements that have the same including silicene, phosphorene and stanene, atom-thick allotropes of silicon, phosphorus and tin, which means, they can play a big part in this revolution. Three of the most important things that will be resolved using graphene are miniaturization, higher performance and cost reduction.

– Product Design Outsourcing: Now, you may be wondering how is this here? Well, you may not know, but the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are now taking the product designing and development to the next level by giving it to the Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) partners. If you don’t know, then the field of product designing has gone up a lot in the last few years. According to TBRC, the market is expected to reach $157 billion in 2020. It is also reported that Original Equipment Manufacturers are now trying to collaborate with Electronic Manufacturing Service providers to form joint design manufacturing (JDM) and outsourced design manufacturing (ODM). It will be interesting to see if things work out in the future.

– Quantum Computing: Are you aware of quantum computing? Well, if you are not, then let me tell you that it is still an emerging technology on which most of the researchers, organizations, and governments have been working on for a long time. Most of the countries are trying to make a fully functional quantum computer. Quantum computing would be similar to a cloud service and not be on-premise machines. You can even test it out as IBM is already offering cloud-based quantum computing services. The process of making the first quantum computer is expected to speed up this year, and as the race is getting close, we may not get the detailed update of everything done to achieve this.

Spintronics: If you don’t know spintronics, you must not be someone from the electronics field. The latest emerging electronics technology is “concerned with the detection and manipulation of electron spin in solid-state physics.” In simple terms, spintronics is nothing but using the fundamental property, electrons spin, of particles for processing information. Electron spin can be checked via two movements up and down. If you don’t know, then spintronic technology has already been tested.

Several information-storage devices, such as hard drives and spin-based transistors, have integrated this tech. The best part and primary reason behind using this is the processing speed of information. Using spintronics, you can manipulate four, rather than only two logic states. This allows for faster information processing and also high-capacity of storage. So, overall, this will revolutionize the way information is processed and also stored.

If you are looking to make your career in the above-mentioned fields, then do it without any hesitation because the future looks bright.