Video: 10 Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have in 2019

Most Interesting Gadgets of 2019

Technology is an ever-transforming filed. It makes life easier. Modern day people are very much enthused about gadgets. In this context, if you are in search of the New Gadgets 2019, following are some of the best collections that have already created a lot of buzzes.

E Tape:

Days are gone for the manual measurements. It’s time to take it to the technological level. E tape makes measurements occur digitally. Undoubtedly, the product gives the most accurate measurement. It is smarter and user-friendly at the same time. The entire functionality can be controlled through a button wheel.


Phree is a fantastic device that makes it possible to write on almost any device. Be it about on the wall or any wood surface; one can write over anywhere using the device. Interestingly, the things you write can be taken over to the smartphone device you use. The device based on digital ink allows a person to use adequate space available and write the most satisfying way. It means you don’t need to worry about the hectic typing and all.


Magic Mount is already quite popular. This magical device has already owned many awards. This creative magnetic mounting system allows you to place your smartphone or other devices securely. All that someone has to do is moving the device around the magnetic surface of the product (Magnetic Mount), and it takes no time to lock it at the concerned place. The best part, it can work perfectly on almost all types of surfaces.


This is a fantastic product that is made up of high-end plastic and has been designed with stylish enduring designs. These are made to stay and fit well with wallets allowing smooth styling instantly. It works for all hair types as well. One can choose the wallet type as per the need.

Life Straw:

Now one doesn’t need to worry about the quality of water, irrespective of the place he/she visits. The incredible product Life Straw makes the water safest for drinking. It means you can turn your water bottle into a powerful and effective filter that can remove the bacteria, chemicals, parasites, etc. in the best way. Moreover, for each of these products getting sold, a child in need gets safe water for the whole academic year. So just have this product and make the world a healthier place to live.