What is VPN? and why do you need it.

The internet is a very large place with random information and data flying everywhere, A Virtual Private Network gives us users on personal networks access to data across public networks as if the computer is directly connected to the personal network. With a VPN, you can monitor where your data is going, and you can be assured that it isn’t being intercepted because it is heavily encrypted

Whether its hackers, spammers or anyone who’s looking to extort you or your information, a VPN can help keep you secure.



VPN incorporates a ton of benefits to extend your online security and privacy once browsing the web not simply from hackers, government and telecommunication operators.

But when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, doing so via a Virtual Private Network will be better. Your original IP address will be safe while masking your actual location and your data will be encrypted against potential spoofers or hackers.


With a VPN you can browse the internet in complete anonymity. They mask your IP address while surfing the internet, the advantage of a VPN service is that it allows you to access both web applications and websites in complete and full anonymity.

Your information will not be stored or tracked when a VPN is in place; ISP’s will not be able to access a user’s log. Instead, they see encrypted data from the VPN server.


You’ll never have to be worried about anyone tracking your internet data activities because a VPN will give you a temporary IP address from your chosen network server and cover your original IP address. You can transact business, view sensitive information and other important schedules for yourself or business without worrying about being monitored.


There are numerous reasons why you should use a VPN, beyond just the fact that it keeps your information safe it helps you get past restrictions due to geo-tracking, let’s say you travel to a country where a site is banned? You can use a VPN to change your location and allow you access to the site you wish to visit.

VPNs allow you to get access to websites that might be perfectly legal like Facebook or Twitter but are restricted by your network, like your workplace or even possibly your country.


VPN allows you get past ISP bandwidth throttling, Internet Service Providers have been known to boost profit by throttling your internet speed when you’re connecting to certain sites, including a lot of streaming services.

With a VPN your activity online is hidden so your ISP cannot know if you are streaming a video or not. Your bandwidth is not affected which results in a faster streaming experience.


Most VPN provide you with ad blocking services, with an ad tracker or blocker infused with you VPN you see fewer ads while surfing the web.

Having a VPN do the blocking for you is a huge benefit to someone who hates seeing a bunch of ads targeted at you

VPN is very important for we internet users, they provide security, keep your data safe and generally make your internet experience as quality as possible. You should definitely consider signing up to one as soon as possible.