What’s special about upcoming technology

There used to be a time when, say, do hard work, and now it is said, do smart work. This journey from hard work to smart work is technology. Science has developed rapidly in recent times and has made technology so powerful and accessible that it is now an integral part of our life. The problem of complex to complex is now solved in a few minutes, technology is the reason behind it. The influence of technology is now in every area, there is no such area left which is left in the absence of technology. And all of this is the most common in the region that is electronics, which surrounds us.

Everyday technology is reaching new heights with its innovations. And everyday innovations are making our life easier. In such, we will mainly discuss the innovation of the electronic field on which the coming world lies. Let’s talk about these new technical innovations electronics are:

-Google glasses –

What we once used to imagine, Google has launched it. Augmented reality has come into our life now, Google Glass is a great example of it, through it, social feeds, navigation, and messages will be able to see everything. And the latest ground update will also be available.

-Eye tribe –

A great gift of technology, many science experts were discussing this time but could not make it possible, the Eye Tribe gave it a gift by launching it, it can be controlled by the movement of the eyes. No doubt, this is one of the biggest achievement in the field of electronics.

Project Fiona

Bringing a new revolution in the world of electronic gaming, this gaming product changed the concept of the gaming world, by its ease it attracted the attention of many gamers and became very popular, even today the project of professional gamers remains Fiona.

-Tesla’s driverless car –

I still remember that scene from the animated movie when the car started to run automatically without driver on giving a signal. Amazing technology that he proved that it can actually happen. Tesla’s driverless car will be able to run on the roads without a driver, it is so capable that it knows when and where to stop and where to run at what speed. It will soon be available in the market.

This success of technology is taking us further day by day. This new technical innovations electronics is an excellent achievement in itself. Now let’s take a look at the upcoming technologies in electronics.

-Electronic pills –

After years of hard work and research, this product is going to come in the market, electronic pills are the instrument that after swallowing, the data inside us will start coming out, meaning sensors and cameras are installed in it, which help in detecting the diseases inside us.

-Transparent smartphone –

Korean Scientists have invented the Transparent Smartphone, according to them, its advantage is “we can see through the embedded electronic system”. Their effort is to invent smart windows, mirrors in the next 3-4 years. This is really amazing.

-Instant print –

A printer that will stay in your pocket. Soon a printer that will be of your pocket size, the specialty of the inkless printer is that it is waterproof, with Bluetooth connectivity and USB connectivity too, we can print upto 2*3 size of colorful print from this instant printer.

-Digital pen –

Another source to step into the digital age is the digital pen. As much as the size of an ordinary pen, this pen will store data forever. This will allow the data to be taken into the computer, where it can be edited, viewed. This would be a great tool.

In this world of technology, many things are being invented everyday. The latest technology also becomes outdated the next moment, the circle of technology is so fast. According to some experts, technology is a world that has no end, we will find more as we search for it. We have become accustomed to technology, because technology has a profound impact on our lives. We are under the shadow of technology and are also flourishing in it. Our world is going to grow a lot, upcoming technologies in electronics will take it to a new level.